Bathmate Review: The Real Penis Enlargement Pump

Bathmate Review

Bathmate Overview

The Bathmate is a penis enlargement pump that works in water during a bath or shower. It can be used without water, but it works best with it. The device is manufactured by a company called UM Products based in the UK. This is one of the first penile enhancement pumps that works with water. The Bathmate has been around for a few years now and seems to have established a name for itself. If you read any Bathmate review, you will notice how people talk about fast gains, especially in comparison to other natural enhancement techniques.

How does Bathmate work?

The Bathmate hydro pump is utilized inside the bath or in the shower. You begin by having it filled with water, and then carry on pumping it 2 to 3 times. Using this device is indeed very safe, comfortable with less to no pain at all.

The pumping will result in the suction around the penis that draws blood into it. Performing this again and again may cause the blood vessels to expand permanently, which may cause your penis to grow bigger and your erections even stronger. The main goal of using the device is to provide you harder and stronger erections, greater power in bed and a larger penis.

There are many manual penis exercises designed to serve the same purpose as what the Bathmate intends to deliver. However, with manual exercises you are required to put pressure on the penis on your own.

The Bathmate is capable of creating the necessary pressure and tension for you. So, not only does Bathmate work, it works in a manner that removes a lot of effort out of the equation. You simply attach this product when you are in the shower or bathtub. There is not longer any reason to tax yourself performing manual exercises.

Water Based Penis Pumps vs. Air Based Penis Pumps

So you are probably thinking, that’s great, the Bathmate uses water… So what?

Well, the reason this is important is primarily because of safety. All good engineers will tell you that if you pressurize air to a high level it can be very dangerous, but if you pressurize water to do the same thing, it’s a lot lot lot safer.

When we are dealing with your penis, do you really want to suffer physical damage to it (the type that is common when over pressurizing with a normal penis pump)?

I thought not…

The Bathmate uses water because it is the only safe way to pressurize your penis.

How to use it?

  • Simply fill up the bath and get in.
  • Once in, place the Bathmate underwater until it’s filled with water, then place your member inside.
  • Push the Bathmate up and down several times until it’s sat firmly against the base of the penis and you feel a vacuum there. Using the pressure release valve at the top of the pump will help remove any surplus water. You may need to pump it up and down 3 or 4 times so that all the water has been removed.
  • When you feel that the vacuum is firmly in grip and you can no longer move your manhood, just sit back and relax for 5 minutes.
  • After every 5 or 6 minutes, try to pump the Bathmate down. This will in turn force your penis to expand even further, forcing the excess water from the top of the pump.
  • If you feel the pressure is too much, simply adjust the pressure release at the top. Continue this 3 to 4 times.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes, release the pressure and remove the bathmate. If this is your first time, you will be more than taken aback!

The manufacturers state that you should aim to use this penis pump no more than 3 times a week so as to see some real gains. Frequently using it will make your penis cells grow so that they are able to accommodate the improved blood flow to the penile. This may lead to permanent growth of both penile girth and length.

What are people saying in the Bathmate reviews?

Based on commentary on the internet, many men have stated they experienced girth and thickness gains from using the Bathmate. Others have noted that their results also included definitive length gains.

For those who wish to increase the size of their penis, reports such as this may certainly prove encouraging. Considering the fact there have been so many scam male enhancement products on the market, the arrival of a water pump which is associated with claims of definitive size improvement is worth noting.

The speed in which Bathmate results have been achieved may vary from customer to customer. Some have reported immediate results and others have stated they have seen gains start around the fourth week of using the pump.

“I’ve been consistently pumping for about a year now. I was surprised at how well the Bathmate works. It’s comfortable to use, and there’s no loud motor like other pumps. A great product for anyone looking for results!”
Alex, UK

“I first heard about the Bathmate from a friend of mine. I was a little bit skeptical at first. He then even asked me to take a look at his member! I started laughing and asked him to prove it. When he did reveal all, I was quite impressed with the size. He had been using the Bathmate for over 6 months and his penis looked healthy! I knew he was not that big before as we used to share showers in health clubs. I went ahead and ordered a couple of days later and boy am I happy I did.”
Ryan, NY

What kind of side effects are there with Bathmate?

No negative side effects. Just don’t overuse it especially if you have a lot of foreskin. If you do, just use it as directed and you’ll be fine.

The other side effects are just positive ones–bigger penis, harder erection, and longer-lasting staying power.

What kind of gains can you expect?

Bathmate claims that you should see 1-3 inches in increased size, and you should see about a 30% increase in thickness. The increase is both in the erect and flaccid state. They also say that smaller penises usually see faster and more noticeable results. You will see results from the first time you use it, the second you take it off. However, your penis will slowly start reducing within a few hours.

It’s important to not look at this like an overnight miracle. You don’t just do it once, and you’re bigger and longer lasting forever. You have to build up a long-term physical change in your penis. In order to do this, you have to use the product on a regular basis. They recommend 3-4 times a week. After about 2 weeks of consistent use, you should really start to see a difference.

You’ll notice improved length and thickness because the pressure from the Bathmate is opening your Corpora Cavernosa tubes so they can hold more blood and allow your penis to increase in size.


  • Using the Bathmate hydro pump will offer you quick results and a long lasting improvement in the size of your penis.
  • Irrespective of your background or age, you will get the chance to obtain rock solid erections.
  • This device helps increase your penis’ strength, which leads to better orgasms.
  • Within a few weeks, you will no longer find impotence an issue.
  • Applying this product may help get a curved penis straight.
  • You won’t premature ejaculate due to the newfound strength.
  • An overall increase in your penis size will surely boost your confidence level.
  • As compared to other penis enlargement techniques, the Bathmate offers more prompt results.
  • Better than exercising, no surgery, no pain.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Very user friendly.
  • It helps cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
  • Compared to conventional penis pumps, the Bathmate is more effective, more comfortable, and safer.


  • The cost may be a little high for some.
  • This device is only available online.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Men who have used the hydro pump have experienced growth over a period of time. The pump will not enlarge the penis in a matter of days. You need to use it consistently and monitor your size change. Users have reported changes in permanent size after 3+ months of use. Many penis enlargement forums have users who are satisfied with the Bathmate and use it daily just by itself or as part of an enlargement programme where they also do penile exercise.

Also, you need to be realistic if you are going to purchase the Bathmate. It is not some magical pump that will increase size in a matter of days. Enlargement will take time as mentioned earlier. How large can you get? Being realistic measures 1-3 inches maximum.

I would advise you to purchase the Bathmate hydro pump from the official website. This eliminates the risk of getting a counterfeit pump, because, unfortunately, they are out there.

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