Compulsive Skin Picking

skin picking

Skin Picking Disorder

Are you a compulsive skin picker? Do you pick at the skin on your feet or on your cuticles whenever you sit down? It can also be picking the skin on any part of your body and you probably don’t even realize that it is a compulsion.

Causes Of Skin Picking

There is a long list of causes for compulsive skin picking. Chief among them are depression, anxiety and having suffered a traumatic experience in childhood. When you get excited, or even bored, you may resort to picking your skin. Once you realize that it is a problem you really do need to start looking for ways to treat it because it will gradually get worse over time. Nail biting is regarded as a secondary symptom of this compulsive addiction.

The statistics related to people who have an addiction to compulsive skin picking are amazingly high. It is more common among those who have obsessive compulsive disorder but it is not confined to this area. It is not a condition that you would consult a doctor about. It can cause scars on the skin where you are constantly picking and when these areas become sore you may go to the doctor for medication to help them heal.

The major problem for people not knowing that they have this condition is that there is not very much information available about it. Doctors do not concentrate on the reasons why you pick your skin and make it sore. They treat the symptoms rather than the condition itself.

Once you become aware that you do have compulsive skin picking, you have to be constantly aware of it. When you do have time to spare with nothing to do, you should always be aware of your hands. Pick up a hobby that will keep your hands busy while you watch TV, such as knitting, cross-stitch or some other type of craft. Stress balls also work because you are working your hands and keeping them away from your skin.

Skin Picking Relief

There is an amazing new product on the market devoted to compulsive skin picking. It is a report called Skin Picking Freedom. It will teach you how to control the condition without having to take any medication. You will learn about the addiction and why it can be harmful in addition to the scarring and soreness it causes. The report will give you in-depth information about what to expect from therapy as well as home remedies you can use on your own.

The techniques that you learn from this resource will change your life because it will help you stop the compulsive picking that has been with you for so long. You will learn how to channel your thoughts and actions in other directions. The strategy is very simple and you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of this on your own. You won’t have to be embarrassed about picking your skin or try to hide ugly scars once you break the habit once and for all.

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