Dermefface FX7 Reviews: Does It Work & Will You See Results?

Dermefface FX7 Reviews

Dermefface FX7 Overview

Dermefface FX7 is a new scar cream that’s been brought onto the market, specialising in treating all different types of scars. It contains a new formula that’s designed to help reduce the appearance of scars quickly and dramatically, and to encourage the skin to heal itself naturally and quickly.

Dermefface FX7, also known as Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy, can be used on acne scars, surgery scars, burn scars and injury scars – with the single exception of keloid scars. Furthermore it can successfully be used on both new and older scars.

Does Dermefface FX7 Really Work?

Because everybody’s scar is different and every body reacts differently, it’s impossible to say definatelly whether this cream ‘works’ or not. Everybody’s skin reacts differently to different ingredients, but all the ingredients in this product are clinically proven to help reduce scarring, soften skin, improve moisture and give results. The use of them all together gives you a huge range of ingredients that have been designed to help your scars fade, in one wonderful product. The manufacturers are so confident of their product that they offer a complete money back guarantee if you’re not happy – this gives you more of an idea about whether the product works than anything else!

How to use it?

The cream should be applied in a thin layer over and just around the affected area, rubbing it in gently until it’s been absorbed. For best results, it’s said to use it twice a day until you’re happy with the results. It can be worn under makeup!

The Results

Many people notice results in 30 days, but the manufacturers recommend using the product for a minimum of 90 days to start seeing very clear results. People using the product can expect to see scars hugely reduced in appearance, with dramatic results. Lines and scars should become less visible when using the product, and the skin should start to recover.

The Ingredients

The main ingredients of the cream are:

  • Symglucan – This has been proven in clinical trials to speed wound healing, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, and help skin moisture, firmness, elasticity, and smoothness.
  • Pentavitin (5.00%) – This is a plant-derived ingredient that moisturises and improves barrier function in the skin, and helps skin smoothness too. Results were visible after only two weeks of use in clinical trials!
  • Dl-Panthenol (5.0%) – Also known as Provitamin B5, this has a positive effect on the healing of skin and has anti-inflammatory effects too.
  • Vitalayer (3.0%) – This improves the barrier function of the skin, and helps the skin to maintain a healthy turnover of skin cells and keeps them moisturised.
  • Pro-Coll-One+ (2.00%) – This helps to boost the synthesis of collagen 1, and really helps to give a noticeable difference in skin smoothness.
  • Hydrolite 5 – This was proven in a study to help increase skin moisture by 100% in a 14-day period.
  • Allantoin (.5%) – This has been used to treat damaged, dry skin since the 16th century, and softens the keratin in the skin which allows the skin to heal more quickly and to absorb moisture more effectively.
  • Niacinamide (2.0%) – A water-soluble Vitamin B complex that aids in moisture retention, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

What are the people saying in the Dermefface FX7 reviews?

Many people go for years without addressing their scars, because they don’t think that there is a reliable and safe method to treat them. Sometimes, they are so embarrassed by the scars that they never even bring them up to their doctors and they spend their life covering the scars up. When you read some of the Dermefface FX7 reviews, you will see that this product really has made a difference in the lives of many people. Some of these people are wearing their favorite clothes for the first time in their lives, because their scars are gone.

“My scars are really bothering me. I didn’t know that its appearance can be minimized just by applying cream. Glad I came across Dermefface FX7. It fades scars in a few short weeks.”

“I have about a 7-inch scar on the underside of my forearm due to a motorcycle accident. I really didn’t think that I would benefit from Dermefface FX7. But, I did! I tell you, this scar cream will do wonders for your scarred skin.”

“I’ve always hated this big, ugly scar I have on my leg, so I wore pants all the time. Thanks to Dermefface FX7, I feel confident again.”

Recommendations and Conclusion

Dermefface FX7 scar reduction therapy contains such a unique blend of ingredients that it is different from other products. It works by helping to encourage new skin regrowth as well as healing the scar, and it targets the scar in a variety of ways. In all fairness, any product that offers a complete money back guarantee if you’re not happy is worth a try! It does react differently for everybody that uses it, but so many people are so happy with the results that it’s got to be worth a shot. If you’ve struggled with scars before, you know how much you’ll try to cover them up. And with a product that won’t cost you anything if it doesn’t work, what’s the harm in trying it today?

Where to Buy Dermefface FX7?

Dermefface FX7 can be bought from the official website. The website has details of all the special offers on at the moment, and all the relevant phone numbers to order the product and answer any questions you have. This is the best place to buy it from, as the website offers a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results!

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