Idol Lash Reviews: Get The Eyelashes You Always Wanted

Idol Lash Reviews

Idol Lash Overview

If you want to have longer and fuller eyelashes, then Idol Lash is the product that will give you what you desire. It is a revolutionary formula that will not only strengthen your eyelashes and help them to grow longer, but it will also make them darker and more noticeable. It is safe to use for everyone and you will start to see results in a few weeks.

This product has been clinically tested. It will eliminate the need for using eyelash extensions, but it is safe to use with these products.

How does Idol Lash work?

Idol Lash is a liquid that you apply to your eyelashes. The ingredients stimulate the growth of the eyelashes. The result is that you will see your eyelashes start to grow longer, thicker and darker.

In clinical trials, Idol Lash increased eyelash density by approximately 82 percent in as little as two to four weeks. More importantly, none of the participants reported any eye or skin irritation from using the product.

How to use it?

You apply Idol Lash just in the same way that you apply mascara. You only have to apply it once a day. Make sure you remove all your eye make-up first and apply it just before you go to bed. Use only enough liquid to cover your upper and lower eyelashes.

It will also work on your eyebrows if you want them to be thicker and darker.

What you receive?

When you place your order for Idol Lash, you have several options to choose from. You can order one month’s supply for about $50. However, you will save money by ordering in bulk. With a three month supply order, you will receive one month free, and with a six-month supply order, you will receive two months free. Plus, with the larger order, you can also avail of free refills.

The Ingredients

The formula used in manufacturing Idol Lash includes a blend of minerals, vitamins, botanicals and peptides. The herbal ingredients include:

  • Glycerin is an organic and natural ingredient that softens your lashes making them more pliable and less brittle. Brittle eyelashes tend to break leaving your eyelashes looking stubby and short. By making your lashes more pliable they are less likely to break off leaving you with short lashes.
  • Hydrorethyl Cellulose is an ingredient that is used because of it’s thickening properties. This ingredient helps to add volume to individual lashes helping them to appear thicker and fuller.
  • Panthenol keeps the cells of your eyelids themselves healthy. In order to grow strong long and healthy eyelashes your eyelids need to be healthy especially in the area where the eyelash roots are. By keeping the eyelids themselves healthy Panthenol also helps to protect the root area where your eyelashes begin to grow.
  • Allantoin is well known wound healer that is rich in proteins that is used in a number of skin care products. It’s inclusion in Idol Lash serves to repair damage to the eyelids from exposure to the sun, rubbing, and eye irritation.
  • Alfalfa Extract contains many important vitamins and minerals your lashes need to remain healthy including vitamins A and D and calcium.
  • Arnica Extract is used to treat skin inflammation. Whether you know it or not, exposure to the sun, rubbing the eyes, and even the use of certain make-up and skin cleansing products can irritate the eyes resulting in skin inflammation of the eyelids. When your eyelids become inflamed, the root area of the lids becomes weak and less able to hold the eyelash roots firmly in place. By treating eye lid inflammation, you are strengthen and tightening the area around the roots.
  • Propylene Glycol works as moisturizer and disinfectant helping to keep your lashes soft and free from harmful bacteria that can cause your lashes to break or fall out.
  • Honey Extract soothes the eyelids, provides moisturizer to both the lids and lashes and has anti bacterial properties that will help to keep those eyelashes healthy so that they can grow to their full length and thickness.

What are people saying in the Idol Lash reviews?

One thing that you will see in many of the Idol Lash reviews is that a lot of women who are using this product have already tried other eyelash enhancers in the past and found them to either be completely ineffective or cause a number of side effects such as redness and soreness.

“Idol Lash really helped me to finally have the look I wanted without needing to wear mascara or eyeliner.”
Laura, FL

“I swim every day so being able to finally throw away my mascara was a really big deal. Idol Lash has been a great purchase for me.”
Melissa, HI


According to the reviews, consumers are very pleased with their purchase and use of this product. The pros they reported are:

  • It is easy to use
  • Safe for everyone
  • Lashes are longer, darker and stronger in less than a month
  • No need to use eyelash extensions
  • Only one application a day is needed


For those who do not wear make-up every day, it may seem strange to start applying the liquid to their eyelashes every night. However, it becomes part of your nightly hygiene ritual after a few nights.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Idol Lash is an ideal solution for anyone who wants thicker, longer and more beautiful eyelashes. It works well and it does not cause irritation to the eyes and skin. It is certainly the best eyelash and eyebrow enhancer we have found anywhere. It’s not particularly expensive for what it does, and in the long run you can actually save quite a bit of money on mascara, false lashes etc. If you do decide to use Idol Lash, we are confident that you will be pleased with the boost to your looks and your self-confidence.

Where to Buy Idol Lash?

Idol Lash is available online from the manufacturer’s website. You do have to complete an order form and choose the amount of the product that you wish to have. It will be delivered by regular mail right to your mailbox. When you order in bulk, you save money because you get free products. You do have to use your Visa or Mastercard to pay for the purchase, but the official website is secure.

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