Menozac Review: Natural Menopause Relief

Menozac supplement

Menozac Overview

Menozac is a natural ERT supplement that has been offering great results for women for a long time now. Indeed, the product has gained the top position of being a wonder product and this is all due to the product effectiveness and safety. Made of all natural and herbal extracts, the product claims to be made from the best known and well researched and tested phytoestrogen botanicals available. A large number of women have reported that the product helped them relieve the psychological symptoms as well as physical symptoms of menopause a great deal, including hot flushes and bloating.

How does Menozac work?

The special blend of ingredients in Menozac works with a woman’s body to naturally relieve the pain and discomfort caused by menopause. Each ingredient does its own special thing, Vitamin E can help prevent hot flashes, soy contains phytoestrogens which are known to alleviate symptoms that menopause causes, and so forth. The other ingredients are known to have many other great health benefits as well. A full list and description can be viewed on the official website.

How to use it?

The serving size is one capsule. It is to be taken daily with plenty of water. Like with any supplement added to a daily routine, it should be taken with a meal and beverage. There have been reports of nausea if the consumer is not fully hydrated while using this treatment. This treatment may also take a little longer to start working due to the fact that it is made from natural ingredients.

What you receive?

For $49.95, one will receive a one-month supply of Menozac. There is a special offer of purchasing three bottles and receiving three bottles for free. With this offer, one will also be enrolled in the auto shipment program. This is all risk-free, but it is a limited-time offer.

The Ingredients

Menozac contains Vitamin E, and a blend of Soy, Black Cohosh, and Damiana. The secondary ingredients that can be found in Menozac are, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, and water. A full description of how each of these ingredients works can be found on the Menozac website under the ingredients tab.


  • 90 day risk free guarantee
  • All natural product
  • No side effects
  • It cures most symptoms caused by menopause
  • The results are long lasting for as long as the supplement is being used


  • It may not be suitable for people who have cancer or a liver disorder
  • It may cause nausea if the consumer is not fully hydrated
  • Can only order online

Recommendations and Conclusion

It should be comforting to know that there is menopause relief that is all natural. This may take a little longer to see results, but in the long run, consumers are doing nothing additional to harm their bodies. Menozac is a completely safe and natural way to happiness.

Where to Buy Menozac?

This product can be purchased on the internet from the official website. The cost for one month’s supply is $49.95, and depending on where it is being purchased, the price may vary slightly. It is suggested that you go to the Menozac official site to make any purchases because they offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

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