Murad Acne Reviews – Does It Work?

Murad Acne Complex

Murad Acne Complex Overview

The Murad Acne Complex is a cleansing regimen that provides positive results without damage to even the most sensitive skin. The products included in the Murad Acne Kit have proven to be effective against moderate to severe acne and are suitable for use by both teens and adults. Professional-grade components combine for state-of-the-art acne treatment in an affordable and convenient package.

The Basics of the Murad Acne Complex

The Murad Acne Kit includes three separate coordinating solutions, each aimed at combating acne in each of its stages and preventing its return in the future.

The Clarifying Cleanser

The Clarifying Cleanser serves to gently but effectively remove impurities from the skin while simultaneously toning pores to prevent future clogging. It rinses clean easily and leaves no oily residue, making it perfect for daily use. In fact, when used twice daily in conjunction with the other two components of the system, the cleanser has been shown to significantly reduce acne breakouts within a matter of four weeks. The main component here is a gel that prevents future breakouts very effectively. It also cleans the skin by eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria on your face to get rid of acne.

The Exfoliating Treatment Gel

The second part of the system, the Exfoliating Treatment Gel, further removes dirt and oil from the pores while banishing dead skin cells and renewing the surface beneath. Cell regeneration is increased and skin is left brighter and clearer within days of beginning the regimen. The patented formula, infused with hydrogen peroxide, combines age-defying retinol and two gentle acids (salicylic and glycolic) for optimum results. This gel is a unique combination of these acids that is able to penetrate your skin very effectively, stimulating the turnover process of cells.

Skin Perfecting Lotion

The last step in the three-part regimen is application of Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion. The velvety soft cream absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it feeling light and healthy. The texture and tone of skin is instantly refined with just one use and continues to improve with daily use. Hydrating extracts of algae and Queen of Meadow effectively permeate the skin’s surface to deliver fast-acting retinol and arnica, both of which promote nourishment of the skin on multiple levels. One of the main points of this lotion is that it is oil free. Queen of Meadow and Algae Extract gently penetrate your skin pores to clean and balance oil production in them.

How to use it?

Application of the treatment kit’s components is simple and convenient. Begin the day with one refreshing Murad acne treatment and protect skin all day long with the lotion included. The treatment ingredients are incredibly effective in even small amounts, so the kit actually lasts much longer than similar products. Right before bed, remove the dirt, oil, skin cells and any other debris from the skin with the entire process once more. Because the application of the three components only takes a few moments from start to finish, customers find that using the Murad acne treatment is easier to keep up with than other skin cleansing regimens.

Is it safe?

Because Murad’s patented acne treatment kit utilizes natural botanical ingredients to promote healthy cell regeneration, it has been proven safe for all skin types. Salicylic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in effective acne treatment because it kills surface bacteria without drying or irritating the skin. Unlike many traditional acne treatment products, the Murad Treatment Gel keeps new blemishes and blackheads from forming without causing redness, flaking or peeling. When used with the natural blend of ingredients in the Skin Perfecting Lotion, the complete system provides consistent acne therapy that really works.

The Ingredients

  • The Clarifying Cleanser includes an effective dosage of 1.5% salicylic acid. This amount has been shown to be effective against acne whiteheads, blackheads, and clusters of cystic acne without excessive drying.
  • The Treatment Gel, formulated to enhance the effects of the cleansing system, is also fortified with 1% salicylic acid.
  • The Skin Perfecting Lotion, a key element of the three-part system, utilizes the effectiveness of both glycerin and retinol, along with a combination of natural botanicals for superior hydration.


  • This strong but gentle formula is the perfect solution for acne sufferers with all types of skin.
  • Natural botanical ingredients provide skin with essential hydration and care.
  • An effective exfoliating scrub treats acne while generating healthy skin production.
  • The kit includes three components in one convenient package optimized for cost-effectiveness.


  • You have to use the complete set to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Recommendations and Conclusion

The acne treatment kit from Murad offers substantial advantages to acne sufferers with multiple skin types, including those with combination to oily skin. Customers with a broad range of acne problems, including frequent breakouts to intermittent whiteheads and hormone-related acne issues, saw noticeable improvement within weeks of beginning use of the product. Daily use is highly recommended to keep bacteria and oil at manageable levels. Users with particularly sensitive skin noticed improved skin tone and decreased acne with once-daily usage, so consumers are encouraged to experiment with the amount of product used in order to obtain best results. Many users of the three-step kit found that the addition of other Murad products helped to enhance positive results. A spot treatment, additional moisturizers, and other treatment components are available from Murad at an affordable price that allows for easy expansion of the regimen.

Where to Buy Murad Acne Complex?

You can buy Murad Acne Complex online from their official website. Murad’s website offers the entire acne treatment complex kit for one affordable price of $29.95. This package includes the gentle Clarifying Cleanser, the Exfoliating Treatment Gel, and the Skin Perfecting Lotion, as well as additional free gifts. Murad’s dermatologists and skin care professionals are so convinced of the treatment’s effectiveness that they have elected to back the product with a money-back guarantee as well. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, you pay nothing for any of the components used. Ordering is quick and easy with toll-free phone assistance or online ordering directly from the site.

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