Performer5 Review: Do Not Buy Unless You Read This

Performer5 Review

Performer5 Overview

Performer5 is a unique male enhancement product because it works in a pretty different way than any other male or ejaculation enhancer on the market. It is formulated as a dual action system that improves natural semen production in a completely new and more healthier way.

Performer5 is the first enhancer that takes care about the nutrients your body needs for more effective semen production. Performer5 and its essential nutrients will first boost your body’s nutrient reserves with completely natural ingredients, exactly targeted to your body’s needs. That is probably the biggest reason why this natural male enhancer provides such great and fast results, visible soon after a couple of first servings.

Performer5 will help you to achieve these gains:

  • Provide Sexual Stamina and Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Increase Intensity of Orgasms and Triple Amount of Ejaculation During Climax
  • Increased Libido and More Vigor in the Bedroom
  • Ability to Truly Perform Like a Porn Star

How does Performer5 work?

Performer5 works from the inside out, unlike many of its competitors. This leader in the male enhancement industry provides your body with all of the natural ingredients to supercharge your semen producing functions.

Performer5 is the chassis for your body’s semen producing engine. By increasing blood flow to the penis, your body will be at peak performance to manufacture semen and you will see longer and harder erections.

The Ingredients

Some of the key ingredients are:

  • Zinc: It’s been well-known for decades that zinc is linked to semen production. Zinc plays a direct role in increasing the energy production of your cells. The more zinc you take, the more semen your body can produce. Performer 5 supplies your body with more than 1000% of the daily recommended amount, allowing your body to produce as much as 500% more semen.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: It keeps the muscles from tiring by offsetting lactic acid build-up and can keep you going strong all through the night.
  • L-arginine: L-arginine is proven to increase natural growth hormones, and will assist your body in maintaining longer erections. This ingredient also raises the level of sperm and increases your sperm motility by 250% in just 2 weeks.
  • Pomegranate: A well known ‘superfood’, pomegranate has been called ‘nature’s viagra’ by the national press. This super fruit is enriched in 70% elegiac acid. Pomegranate contains antioxidants which boost levels of nitric oxide. So pomegranate boosts libido at the same time as protecting against heart disease!
  • Mucuna Pruriens: A tropical legume sometimes known as cowhage. Mucuna Pruriens has historically been used as an effective aphrodisiac. It works by increasing dopamine levels, which has a profound effect on sexual function. It also boosts levels of testosterone, which increases libido and enhances semen production.

There is no question that researchers have taken every effort to ensure that Performer5 provides undeniable results with 100% all natural and organic essential ingredients for semen maximization.

Performer5 Benefits

The major benefit of these enhancement pills is their dual action system, which is totally unique to the Performer5 pills. That is why these pills are able to give you some dramatic improvement.

As we already said, Performer5 pills are completely natural and contain only 100% organic and natural ingredients that have been handpicked to give you the best possible improvements to your overall sexual performance. Performer 5 pills are completely free of any synthetic chemicals or dangerous ingredients, which means they are totally safe to use.

There are also no restrictions on how long you can take Performer5 pills because they are completely natural and can also be used for the threat of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and fertility problems.

There is also an extensive range of extra features, additions and bonuses.

Beside the box with Performer 5 and Essential Nutrients, you will also receive valuable and detailed DCD’s and guides about improving your sexual life, seduction and similar useful subjects. To make it short, the whole package is very rich and interesting, and well worth the money! There is also the possibility of getting even more valuable extras and gifts with each upgraded package of Performer5 pills.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Performer5 pills are capable of providing you with everything you could want to achieve in male enhancement, although their main use is enhancement of your semen production. Performer5 is actually a full and complete male enhancement pill that will seriously improve all aspects of your sexual performance.

The amazing results of Performer5 have propelled it to the top of the male enhancement marketplace. Its unique dual action system packs tons of nutrients and semen maximizing qualities into a compact pill that will deliver outstanding results every time.

Where to Buy Performer5?

The best place to buy this product is from the official website. You will find things there that you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the original Performer5 pills, Essential Nutrient pills, and all the extra bonuses, every Performer5 package is also covered by a full 6-month money-back guarantee, as well as free access to great and well-trained 24/7 support.

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