Phallosan Forte Review – Does It Work?

Phallosan Review

Phallosan Forte Overview

Phallosan Forte is a unique penis stretcher which is built with a vacuum protector system which helps control the amount of force or traction that you exert in your penis. There are a lot of penis stretchers sold in the market but these can apply too much pressure to your penis thus impeding blood flow. It doesn’t work that way with Phallosan Forte. With its built in vacuum pump system, you are guaranteed positive results as excellent blood flow is facilitated into your penis through the manipulation of the tension you apply to your manhood.

Another thing that makes Phallosan Forte very likeable is the fact that it is attached to your body with a patented orthopaedic belt therefore keeping it secured and reduces the incidence of slipping out which other products miss to consider. Phallosan Forte is inspired from a non-surgical and painless stretching of a man’s penis inorder to develop new cells and tissues.

Phallosan Forte Benefits

Easy to use and is classified as Class 1 medical device, you can be 100% sure that your penis is in good hands. The device can produce modest gains of 1.9 inches. Phallosan Forte permanently increases penis length and girth without causing damage to blood vessels.

In fact, Phallosan Forte can offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Everyone can use it – no restrictions on age or size of the device.
  • You can use Phallosan Forte after prostate surgery.
  • Cures erectile dysfunction.
  • Straightens curved penises.
  • No pain or discomfort – while many stretching devices can cause pain in the penis when it is inserted into the circuit, the micro-suction devices Phallosan Forte means that your penis can be placed in the loop (any size) without causing pain. In fact, if you have an erection while wearing the device, the condom extend naturally offset this increase.
  • Class 1 medical device – which are approved by European health authorities as a Class 1 medical device, the device is also approved by Phallosan Forte EC.
  • Permanent penis enlargement – this device increases the length of 1.9 inches and the dimension of the life of an inch.

How Phallosan Forte Works?

Phallosan Forte works on the principle of mechanical stretching. By applying constant pressure and stretching the tissues and muscles of the penis, the cells in the penile tissues will tear apart. In order to heal and fill in those gaps, new cells will be duplicated or created, causing the increase in the size of the tissues, muscles, and blood vessels in the penis. Because of this process, considerable increases in length and girth will be realized, provided there is regular use of the product.

Phallosan Forte is incredibly easy to use and brings no discomfort whatsoever to the user. Because of its stretch belt technology, you can wear the device comfortably and discreetly under your clothes. With its stretch belt technology, you can comfortably and easily hide the device underneath your clothing and carry on with your daily activities. It is discreet and you’ll be able to invest the time to wear it easily. With regular use of the device, you’ll be able to see results faster.

How to Use?

You have to put the condom on your penishead into the shaft and a sheath of latex to the lowest level of your penis, your penis canbe inserted safely into a tie covered with moss.

Depending on your body using a strap that wraps around the waist (the rope tow hook and tie rod condoms), which helps to seal the opening at the top of the condom and allow the band to pull which provides the traction force.

Creating a gap in the condom section Phallosan Forte can be safely used and put under clothing for up to 12 hours a day, gently stretching your penis and stimulate growth.

Don’t forget to change the direction of your penis every two days and you can continue with your daily life without realizing it being with you. The device is completely invisible under clothing and can even be worn comfortably during the night while sleeping.

Is It Safe?

Phallosan Forte is definitely safe and brings its users no side effects at all. Its belt system contains no formaldehyde and the condom used is also latex and allergen free. You will definitely not experience any kinds of untoward reactions once you use Phallosan Forte for your male enhancement regimen.

The Results

To increase your penis size, wearing the Phallosan Forte for 6 to 8 hours daily is recommended. It’s safe for overnight wear, and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. After the first few days, many users report they can’t even feel the device, so its comfortable fit won’t interfere with daily life. You’ll be able to work and walk around without anyone knowing you’re wearing a device, and be able to sit comfortably – something that’s not possible with many competing devices.

After 6 months of regular use, the gains sustained with Phallosan Forte become permanent. Most users see a growth of about 1 inch in length and circumference within this time frame, and the device can be used for multiple growth cycles.


  • It’s comfortable. Many penile enlargement devices can cause damage, pain or pressure after continued use. Phallosan Forte relies on pressure and vacuum technology to deliver results, but guarantees pain-free use.
  • It’s medically approved. Phallosan Forte has been tested and approved as a Class I medical device by European health authorities. It bears the CE seal of approval to denote its approval as a safe, effective device.
  • It’s discreet. One of the drawbacks of many penis enlargement devices is that they’re unsightly or require you to sit at home without pants on for several hours. Phallosan Forte is a slim-fitting orthopedic belt, which can easily be worn underneath your regular clothing. You can easily go about your day while still enlarging your penis size.


  • It can take time to see results. Most Phallosan Forte users see their first inch of growth in a 4-6 weeks. Many other products promise faster results – but these products also offer temporary gains, so it’s somewhat of a trade-off.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Phallosan Forte has been rated one of the best penis enlargement devices for a number of reasons, not just the size gains that you could see but the speed in which you will see them. During the clinical trials, everyone that was involved had seen size increase!

With all of the recommendations and testimonials regarding the use and effect of the device, it isn’t hard to understand why Phallosan Forte is a highly sought after product in the market today. Because of its ease of use and real results, you really are making a smart investment in your choice of penis extender. Compared to the other options for penis enhancement, Phallosan Forte provides a clean and natural means of increasing penis size.

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