What are the Symptoms of Menopause?

Symptoms of MenopauseSymptoms of menopause may begin between the ages of 40 and 50. Healthy, active women make the transition into natural menopause easier.

What Causes Menopause?

A female is born with numerous eggs stored in her ovaries. Ovaries are important to women because they produce the hormones called estrogen and progesterone, which allows menstruation and ovulation. Natural Menopause begins when the ovaries no longer produce an egg and menstruation stops. Young women in their 30’s may experience premature menopause due to having a hysterectomy or other health issues.

As a woman grows older many changes happen in her body. Menopause may be listed as a hormonal imbalance. Menopause is neither a disease nor mental illness. It is a lifestyle adjustment to hormonal changes in a woman’s body.

Symptoms of Menopause

The symptoms of menopause are many and for some women may last through the entire menopausal change. The most common symptoms are: hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of sexual desire and vaginal dryness.

Hot Flashes– A decreased supply of estrogen hormone. These symptoms of menopause are caused due to the changing of hormonal levels in the reproductive system. Hot flashes may begin to appear in the body in the early years of 40. This time line may take years as the aging process progresses.

Mood swings– Due to the hormonal change affecting the balance of women’s emotions; women may feel they are out of control. Crying for no reason or getting angry and not understanding the reason. Both of these are totally natural as a woman is entering menopause. Medical researchers found the hormone called estrogen is a major factor in this hormonal imbalance as the production of serotonin is temporarily agitated. This disturbance causes the change in personality and other psychological disturbances.

Loss of Libido– A woman can go through a period of time in which the desire to be physically intimate has passed. Vaginal dryness causes pain and the energy for intimacy become less frequent and may disappear as a desire.

Treatments and Drugs

When a woman’s body stops producing natural estrogen it needs assistance. Estrogen therapy is available. Using hormone replacement therapy was once the course of action after a hysterectomy or during menopause. This prescription medication replaced the hormones the body could no longer produce. It was thought to be a wonderful drug in preventing heart disease and osteoporosis. The prescription was found to be a culprit causing a number of health hazards if used for prolonged periods. Most women on hormone therapy discontinued the drug because of the advertised health risk of cancer or heart attack.

Some physicians believe short-term hormone therapy may outweigh the risk of some of the health hazards. A large number of women have chosen to discontinue the prescription hormones in order to protect their life from dangerous health issues.

Health Food Stores carry a type of hormonal replacement supplement that may help you feel better, live a healthier life and make a choice to support your body’s hormonal balance at any age. One such medicine is Menozac and is an effective aid in menopause treatment.

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