Turbulence Training Review – Does It Work?

Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training Overview

Burning off fat, losing weight, gaining muscle and in essence, getting into shape and improving your health seems to be a concern these days but most people have no idea how to get started. Trying to choose a program that works for you can be extremely frustrating and even depressing. One thing’s for sure; trying to find easy to follow short cuts and crazy fad diets is a waste of time and these kinds of solutions are never sustainable. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Turbulence Training weight loss program which is based on a common sense approach to weight loss and good health.

Turbulence Training is a revolutionary fat loss program that has a following all over the world. Even with the mind-boggling surge of gimmicky diets and hard to follow weight loss programs, as well as other weak efforts to offer health and fitness alternatives online, the Turbulence Training solution seems to be a viable choice based on common sense not empty promises, no wonder supplements; just fun, efficient workouts that have been developed over the years through real world research and practical experience. In a nutshell, this fat loss system will show you how to drop pounds, gain muscle and improve your life in as little as 3 quick intense exercise sessions a week. It is ideal for people who lead busy lives and don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym.

How Turbulence Training Works?

Turbulence Training’s claim to fame is that the creator has put a new spin on exercise routines. The program’s workouts aren’t the typical monotonous routines, and are said to be far removed from doing the same old cardio activities for fat loss and toning. Because the program consists of interval and resistance training, the workouts included are designed to improve your metabolism and maintain it, making it easy to burn fat throughout the day, even as you sleep. The inventor Craig Ballantyne believes that cardio exercises don’t boost the metabolism after you exercise; he believes that only strength and interval training can accomplish it and using the wealth of information he has gathered together based on his years of experience.

The Turbulence Training manual provides 128 easy to follow advice regarding every facet of living a healthy lifestyle from diet to working out, along with the motivational advice that will keep you going. The program includes specific workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers laid out in straightforward formats. The workouts are printable and you can use them to track your progress, checking of every workout regimen you complete which in itself is very motivational. Each of the exercises also come with photos showing how to do them correctly and detailed descriptions of each.

Some of the diverse exercise programs include ab specific workouts, the Busy Dads workout, the 4 week body/weight workout, and the program’s DB/BW Fusion fat loss workouts. Bonuses for women include the Fit Yummy Mummy, Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset weight loss program, and Turbulence Training just for Women and more. You’ll also get the plan’s nutritional guide, a 30 day fat loss workout, a 1 hour mp3 interview with the founder in which he describes what Turbulence Training is and why it works, and a 1 month forum access and a number of challenges that help push you to the next level and boost your end results..

Who is Turbulence Training for?

This weight loss program is for just about anyone who is ready to skip the quick fix fad diets and get moving because it’s all about taken control of your health issues, being committed, and moving past excuses. You’ll be required to exercise and hold yourself accountable. It’s about good nutrition, determination and the ability to stick with the program. As with most high intensity workout regimens, once you start to see results and feel the energy working out can provide, it should be easy for anyone to stick to. The price for Turbulence Training is only $39.95 and since it’s based on a common sense approach to fat loss and dieting, most individuals will more than likely find it affordable and worth every dime.


  • Doesn’t require a lot of workout equipment, just the basics including dumbbells, resistant bands and a workout bench.
  • No boring, repetitive routines to perform.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of time which is ideal for people with busy lifestyles.
  • Comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee


  • Absence of video presentations gives other similar weight loss systems the edge over Turbulence Training even though it thoroughly explains their exercises.
  • Doesn’t include specific meal plans to follow and some find them a necessity.

Recommendation and Conclusion

All things considered, Turbulence Training is a highly effective program where fitness, nutrition and fat burn are considered. If you’re looking for a weight loss program that makes it easy for you to exercise for a shorter amount of time and still reap the rewards of boosted health and fitness, this could be a good program for you. You’ll need to keep in mind however that the results don’t come without effort; you have to work-out and follow the plans advice.

If for any reason you’re not impressed with the program you’ve got nothing to lose because of their money back guarantee so it’s definitely worth trying. You can try out Turbulence Training for 8 weeks and if you don’t see the results you’re looking for you’ll get a 100% of your money back.

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