Vigorelle Reviews: Does This Female Libido Booster Work?

Vigorelle Reviews

Vigorelle Overview

Vigorelle is a lubricant especially made for enhancing women’s sexual drive in such a manner that they do not incur any harmful side effects that are usually associated with other such products, including pills. It is a natural formula made of many time-tested herbs for giving a boost to the sexual performance of women. The herbs are carefully chosen for their specific property of targeting a particular cause of the problem. Thus, many herbs work as a team to finally give relief to women from lack of sexual drive.

How does Vigorelle work?

This most effective sexual enhancement cream works smoothly to re-energize a woman for sexual pleasure. You should apply the cream in a proper way. First, use the body cream before starting a sexual act with your partner so that you can enjoy its immediate impact on your vital sexual organ.

To make the cream work for you quickly, all you need to do is apply it to the mucous membrane of the clitoris. You should apply only a smaller amount of Vigorelle beneath the clitoris. After you have put the cream on the skin surface, rub it thoroughly so that all the nutrients of the herbs in the cream are well absorbed into the skin. The cream has herbs that dilate the blood vessels of that particular part of the skin for more rushing of blood to that area for sexual stimulation. Other herbs provide much-needed lubrication and moisture retention in order to provide women with sexual pleasure.

Just after you have applied and rubbed Vigorelle, you will feel that the vaginal part is now sufficiently lubricated due to the certain herbs in the body cream. Lubrication helps to prolong sexual performance, allowing a woman to have a peak orgasm.

Vigorelle, therefore, is the formula that is meant to ensure proper stimulation of the vaginal parts of the skin for maximum sexual pleasure and stamina. To help a woman give great sexual performance, the cream has many herbs that are included for their specific properties.

The Ingredients

Here are some of the herbs that are crucial in making Vigorelle so effective for women.

  • L – Arginine HCI
    L-Arginine HCI is a vital ingredient as it performs the basic function of allowing an increased supply of blood to the site where the cream is applied. As the cream is applied to the organ, it forms nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels so more nutrients and oxygen-rich blood rushes to the tissues for increased stimulation.
  • Gingko Biloba
    Gingko Biloba is a natural anti-biotic and is rich in bioflavonoid. It is considered as one of the best herbs for increasing the blood circulation and oxygenation of the body. It also serves as an effective antioxidant to combat free radicals in order to maintain good cellular health. One of its main functions is to retain moisture in the upper layer of the skin and keep vaginal dryness away for maximum sexual pleasure for women.
  • Damiana Leaf
    It is another highly useful herb for the treatment of vaginal dryness. But Damiana is also known as an effective solution for chronic loss of sexual power in women. The herb stimulates the nervous system and gives strength to the digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems, which help rejuvenate a woman.
  • Suma Root
    Suma root is loaded with minerals and vitamins that have nutritive value. It has 19 amino acids and 152 identified compounds. With such nutritional value, the herb provides adequate nourishment to the body as you apply the cream to the skin. Suma functions as a metabolic regulator, antioxidant, and neuroendocrine restorative, and reduces toxicity in the body.
  • Wild Yam
    Wild Yam works potently to allow the body to balance the production of hormones. This in turn will cause a proper flow of hormones around the body, and they will be distributed to allow for a good deal of arousal for women.
  • Motherwort
    Motherwort allows uterine contractions to occur. This works best because it increases the supply of alkaloids in the body, which makes for the release of tension and stress that a woman may be experiencing.
  • Peppermint Leaf
    Peppermint is known for its ability to bring on natural lubrication and is one of the most useful herbs for keeping vaginal dryness away during the sexual act. This herb also acts as a delivery agent for carrying vital nutrients to the cell membranes. Peppermint is an effective herb for the smoothening of the nervous system and improving the mood, which is vital for good sexual performance.
  • Aloe Vera Gel
    Aloe Vera is well known for its powerful antioxidants and makes sure that blood circulation is proper throughout the body. The herb has all the vital nutrients for maintaining good tissue health and filling them with renewed energy.

There are many other equally beneficial herbs included to make Vigorelle the most effective body cream for providing the solution to lack of sexual drive. While other such creams have hazardous chemicals for temporarily increasing the desire for sex, Vigorelle does not use any chemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, or color, making the cream completely safe to apply to the targeted area.


  • Vigorelle is particularly useful for women who want to keep away from chemicals as they are sensitive to them.
  • The body cream has no flavors, fragrances, colors and petrochemical by-products.
  • The cream helps rejuvenate tissues that are vital for sexual drive.
  • Only organic herbal ingredients have been used for making the cream.
  • For long-lasting sexual pleasure, the cream moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • It has a silky, non-greasy natural touch.
  • The cream is condom compatible.


  • The only disadvantage of using Vigorelle could be the fact that it creates a little bit of a burning sensation, which is tolerable for most women.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Vigorelle has really been well received by women all over the world. Touted as the female Viagra, this cream has helped thousands of women come out of their frigidness in bed and participate in the sexual act with complete arousal and give and receive uninhibited pleasure.

Vigorelle is also medically endorsed. Medical experts have commented on its impressive herbal formulation and its definite effect on a woman’s sexual chemistry.

Women who use Vigorelle maintain that each touch becomes special when this cream is applied. It really brings out a new woman in them.

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