What Causes Hives?

hivesThere are various causes for hives. Some hives may be called Idiopathic which means they just happen without a cause. Other hives are caused due to a person’s immune system. Still other hives arise due to foods, drugs, infections and diseases. Although, there are so many causes of hives researchers do not have an answer as to why they actually appear. Medication cause approximately 10% of hives. Should you suspect a medication is causing your hives, it is advisable to contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Is Hives Contagious?

Hives are allergic reactions caused by foods, medicine, pollen, insect bites, and bee stings. Hives can appear on any part of the body. Scientists have not been able to prove that hives are contagious. The mysteriousness of hives is they can appear and disappear in a matter of hours or they can spread over a body and look unpleasant and still disappear in a few hours.

Types of Hives

It is possible for hives to appear due to chronic bacterial infection, or a viral infection. Fortunately, these hives disappear as the infection is treated and resolved.

Foods are among the highest to often cause hives. One person may have multiple different food allergies. This may include meat, fruits and vegetables or anything with certain preservatives.

People who enjoy the great outdoors may find allergic reaction to grass or pollen.


If your decision is to self treat yourself, one of the first things you may begin to do is eliminate various foods, fruits or drinks that may be ingested. By doing this one at a time, you may actually find the culprit causing your hives. If you want a professional opinion you may choose to make an appointment with a dermatologist who will perform testing with specially prepared needles inserted into your skin on your back. After leaving the needles inserted for approximately 30 minutes little bumps will begin to appear. These red bumps will alert the dermatologist to what is causing your allergic reactions. It may be simple or require more testing.

Home Remedy for Hives

If symptoms are very mild, but uncomfortable, you may apply a non-prescription antihistamine. These ointments can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Read the instructions for any warnings that may apply to causing drowsiness. Make sure you do not plan to operate any machinery or drive a vehicle while taking over-the-counter medication.

Other methods of relief include applying cool compresses or laying in a bath of cool water. Avoid direct sunlight or hot baths or showers. Avoid exerting yourself strenuously or doing anything which would cause you to perspire. Take time to relax and reduce any stress. Wear light and loose fitting clothing.

Medical Treatment

Depending upon the severity of the hives, it may be necessary to rely on medical treatment. If the hives are small and symptoms are mild an ointment can relieve any burning or itching. However, after consuming certain medications, hives may become severe and require hospitalization immediately.

There are natural medications you can buy that will help treat hives. Once such medication is OxyHives.

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