Best Male Enhancement Product Reviews

If you are a man looking to overcome the problems of a small penis, weak sexual performance, and low self-confidence, we are here to help you obtain the penis size you want through the reviews of top-rated male enhancement products.

Most of us know what a small penis is and how it feels to have one, how it affects all your life, making you hide all your doubts deep inside you, refusing to feel absolutely free and comfortable around women and other men.

Happily, there are really helpful male sexual enhancement products available and we found what really works to help you achieve your dream of a bigger penis, permanently.

Penis Extenders

Can Penis Extenders Really Increase The Size Of Your Penis?

Penis size can be a very personal and sensitive issue for a lot of men.

If a man perceives that his penis is small, it can make him feel inadequate and less of a man. This feeling of inadequacy can affect many different areas of his life, especially interpersonal relationships.

More and more men are looking to penis extenders as a way of adding real penis growth permanently.

The question is, do penis extenders really add size to your penis?

The short answer is they really do work, and the most exciting part is that the increases are permanent!

What Is The Average Size Of A Penis?

First, we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page as to what the baseline is for an average-sized penis.

We can tell you it’s not what you see in almost all of the porn out there. The male actors doing porn are specifically chosen because they have a penis size that is typically much larger than average.

Guys, according to the Journal of Urology, the average size of a flaccid penis (non-erect) is 3.5 inches, and the average size of an erect penis is 5.1 inches.

Now if you’re still feeling bad about the size of your penis and you’re looking for a real solution that will produce measurable results, then you should take a look at the best penis extender.

What Is A Penis Extender?

A legitimate penis extender is a medically certified device that fits onto your penis and uses an adjustable and constant pulling tension (traction) over a period of time which produces real penis growth with permanent results.

It not only extends the length of your penis, but it can also increase the girth of your penis too.

The key to getting successful results with a penis extender is to use the product consistently as directed. You will get out of it what you put into it. It’s similar to working out. The more consistent and committed you are, the better results you will get. It’s the same with penis extenders.

Penis traction devices are not a “get big quick” scheme. It’s scientifically backed and medically supported to truly add size to your penis.

How Do Penis Traction Devices Actually Work?

A penis traction device works much the same way that traction devices for other body parts work. Using constant and steady tension over time, creates a process called Cytokinesis, where tissue cells literally divide up and multiply, creating new cells and new tissue growth!

The device provides a constant and steady stretching pressure to the whole shaft of the penis. With consistent use over time, new tissue will emerge and new permanent penis growth in length and girth will occur.

How Long Does Penis Enlargement Take?

Every male will react differently, but it should take 12-24 weeks of consistent use as directed to see real, meaningful, and permanent increases in the length and girth of your penis.

It’s definitely not a “get big quick” scheme. As with anything meaningful, it’s going to take some time. Just like going to the gym, you can’t expect to become huge in a few days. It’s going to take a few months to really get the gains you want!

Again, the good news is that once you use this device for 12-24 weeks, then you’re done forever, and the increases in the length and girth of your penis are permanent with you forever!

For more in-depth information, check out our review of the best penis extenders that produce real and meaningful results.

 Penis Pumps

Are Penis Pumps Right For You?

What is a penis pump? Sometimes it’s also called a Vacuum Constriction Device, and it’s a very popular solution for men that are looking to get harder, bigger, and fuller erections that last longer!

A penis pump is a cylindrical device that you place over your penis. It creates suction that draws blood flow into the penis, making it bigger and harder while lasting even longer.

According to WebMD, penis pumps are perfectly safe when used as directed and they are mostly targeted for men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction caused by many conditions, including:

  • Poor blood flow to the penis
  • Anxiety issues
  • Depression issues
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
  • Fatigue

Some men have even reported a permanent increase in the size of their penis after consistent and prolonged use of the penis pump.

Are Penis Pumps A Worthwhile Investment?

Men dealing with erectile dysfunction are desperate for a solution and most opt for any product that promises to help them revive their sexual confidence and restore their sexual performance. Unfortunately for such men, the current market is filled with unscrupulous traders who are eager to make a quick buck without caring how the consumer is affected both physically and psychologically.

The great news for such men is that penis pumps are not just another fad that is promising miracles. This is a device that is based on extensive scientific research and will definitely perform as expected. It is not only approved by the FDA but is also recommended by most urologists. In fact, medical doctors advise men with erectile dysfunction to use it rather than depend on popular drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Here are 5 reasons why you will not regret spending your hard-earned money on penis pumps:

  • Extensive scientific research has proven them safe and effective

When using this device, you can be sure that you are not a guinea pig. It has been experimented on extensively and proven effective in many reliable studies. Additionally, 95% of users rank its performance pretty highly.

  • Penis pumps, unlike other cures for erectile dysfunction, are non-invasive

The last thing any man dealing with erectile dysfunction needs is an invasive solution that further puts their health in jeopardy. When using these pumps, there is no need to undergo surgery or take medication. The process takes place outside the body and is completely harmless.

  • These helpful pumps are affordable

The only cost that you will incur is the initial purchase, which is very affordable when you consider how effective these penis pumps are in improving your sex life.

  • Pumps can be used together with other treatments to achieve a better end result

These devices can be safely used in collaboration with other forms of medication used for erectile dysfunction. In fact, penis pumps can also be used when one already has a penile implant to achieve better results.

  • Penis pumps have been known to help some men regain the function of their penis

According to urologists, if you start using this device when erectile dysfunction is still mild, it can help you regain the ability to get harder naturally.

Check out our best penis pump reviews to see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for. We’ll be adding more penis pump reviews in time, but right now, two of the industry’s best are the Bathmate and Penomet penis pumps.

 Male Enhancement Pills

You need to be really careful about male enhancement pills. There are so many scams and fake products on the market that prey on men’s sexual vulnerabilities when it comes to the size of their penis, their sexual performance, or their sex drive.

Can Male Enhancement Pills Increase The Size Of Your Penis?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

If your maximum potential erect penis is 5.5 inches, then male enhancement pills are not going to magically add additional inches to grow your penis past its maximum potential. If any pill claims that it will add inches to your penis beyond its physiological maximum, then you know it’s a scam.

When it comes to penis size, here’s where male enhancement pills can help. If you’re struggling with weak erections that aren’t very hard or full, then a good male enhancement pill can help you get a fuller, larger erection that enables you to get to your maximum length and girth! In this way, they can give you bigger and harder erections.

If you’re looking to add inches beyond your maximum, then you really need to consider looking into Penis Extenders or Penis Pumps. These are, by far, the most tested, proven, and medically accepted ways to truly add size to the length and girth of your penis.

What Are The Benefits of Male Enhancement Pills?

These are the areas where you will experience benefits from good quality male enhancement pills:

  • Bigger and harder erections through increased blood flow
  • Longer-lasting erections and better overall sexual performance
  • Increased overall sexual satisfaction
  • More intense orgasms
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased sex drive

We have spent a lot of time reviewing male enhancement pills. Honestly, most of them make such wild claims that it’s hard to take them seriously.

But across the many reviews we’ve done, there have been a couple of the best male enhancement pills that actually work extremely effectively.

Their claims are in line with reality, they have tested and proven ingredients, they have meaningful dosage levels that they show, and excellent customer feedback and market reviews.

Testosterone Boosters

A good natural testosterone booster can be extremely effective at dealing with a variety of sexual health issues for men.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in a man because it has such a large impact on a man’s physical, emotional, and sexual well-being.

How Does Testosterone Affect The Size Of A Penis?

The main issues that men with low testosterone deal with are that they have a huge decrease in their sexual drive and it makes it very difficult for them to even get an erection.

Furthermore, even when they do manage to get an erection, it’s usually not a very full and hard erection, it doesn’t last very long, and that creates a whole other set of self-image and relationship problems and complexities.

A good testosterone booster will raise your own body’s testosterone levels naturally.

Raising your testosterone level will have a huge impact on your sexual wellness. The biggest impact it will have is on your libido. You will notice your desire and drive for sex will increase dramatically.

Not only will your sex drive increase like it was when you were in your twenties, but you will absolutely notice a bigger penis in length and girth because your erections will be maximized to their fullest capacity.

The fact of the matter is that a weak libido combined with a weak erection will give you an overall smaller penis in length and girth versus a libido on fire and a rock-hard erection.

For many men, this is exactly what they need to solve whatever issue they are dealing with. It’s amazing how many erectile dysfunction issues go away when you get your testosterone levels back up.

Light your libido on fire and have bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections by boosting your testosterone levels naturally!

We have reviewed so many different testosterone boosters, and rather than confuse you by posting 10-20 different reviews that would have review scores all over the map, we figured what you’re really interested in are the Best Testosterone Boosters. So we decided to pick out the top testosterone boosters this year.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Role Does Genetics Play In The Size Of Your Penis?

Well, it turns out that genetics actually plays a significant role in the size of your penis. If your father has a larger than average penis, then your chances of having a larger than average penis are quite high.

It’s the same if your father has a smaller than average-sized penis. If he does, then your chances of having a smaller penis are also high.

It doesn’t always work this way, but because this is a dominant gene trait, your penis size will usually follow the general size of your father’s penis.

How Important Is Penis Size To Women?

In most of the current market data on studies conducted to answer this question, it appears that the vast majority of women (85%) are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis.

Having said that, there is also some data to suggest that when women are surveyed completely anonymously, more of them say that penis size is important to them, at least from an aesthetic point of view.

The truth of the matter is that size does matter to some women, but for the majority, penis size is not a matter of concern for them.

Men are the ones that have major issues with penis size. Nearly 50% of men surveyed stated that they were not happy with the size of their penis. Men’s perception of this problem is much bigger than the reality.

It’s also important to note that having too large a penis size is a big negative for most women. When a penis is too big, it makes having sex particularly painful and uncomfortable, especially in some specific positions. The average vagina has a depth of around 4.5 inches, so having an average-sized or even a bit below average-sized penis can definitely fully satisfy a woman without causing her pain. Also, women who like or are open to anal sex want a penis that isn’t too large because the larger the penis, the more painful and less pleasurable the experience is.

At the end of the day, it’s usually the men who are very caught up in the size of their penis. The stress and anxiety about penis size are very self-driven.

The good news is that if you’re a man that has a penis size that you’re not happy with, there are definitely some good viable options to help get you permanent increases in the length and girth of your penis.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

The short answer to this question is yes, it can work. It’s important to note a few things about penis enlargement surgery.

First, it’s probably the most expensive option for trying to enlarge a penis. Market statistics show that on average, a penis enlargement surgery is going to cost $10,000. The range is $5,000 on the low side and roughly $15,000 on the higher side.

Second, there are more risks with surgery than any other option. The types of risks include things like issues with anomalies in healing, bad scarring, increased penile pain, all the way to a fully deformed penis, and even complete erectile dysfunction.

The other issue is that finding a surgeon who specializes in penis enlargement is not easy, and if you find one, they typically only do penis enlargement surgery on men who have extreme cases of micropenis. That means their penis has to be smaller than 2.75 inches when fully erect.

How Can You Make Your Penis Look Bigger?

There are a couple of simple and straightforward things you can do to make the penis you have look even bigger.

The easiest thing you can do is shave your pubic hair. Sometimes, bushy pubic hair can hide a good inch or two of the penis you have. You can have a much more impressive-looking penis just by cleaning things up down there.

Another issue that causes your penis to look smaller than it actually is, is excess belly fat. It can also hide a good inch or two. So, losing a few pounds can definitely improve the aesthetics of your penis and showcase your penis in the best way possible.

Again, addressing these couple things isn’t going to actually grow your penis by an inch or two, but it will show more of your penis by an inch or two, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

What Is Small Penis Syndrome?

Small penis syndrome (SPS) is a psychological condition whereby a man with a normal-sized penis in length and girth is obsessed with feeling that his penis is too small.

This condition can cause severe depression, anxiety, and even isolation. This is a misaligned perception issue that is rare and is usually caused or triggered by some very powerful negative personal experiences like rejection or belittling from a woman or other sexual problems that didn’t get handled correctly.

What Is A Micro Penis?

There are a lot of men that feel they have a micropenis. However, the reality is that only 0.5% of men worldwide actually have the micropenis condition.

The definition of micropenis means that you have a penis size that is less than 2.75 inches fully erect. This condition is usually recognized shortly after birth.